Relief for Tattered Tootsies Lemongrass Foot Treatment


(30 min-$40, as an add-on treatment- $30)
This treatment starts off with a foot buffing callous remover. This is followed by GET FRESH’s three-step foot treatment which includes a “Totally Soaked” foot softening gel, a “Down and Dirty” foot scrub containing pumice, walnut shells and softening aloe vera. After the scrub is removed with warm towels, you’ll receive a luxurious foot massage with “Rescue Me” Lemongrass intensive foot repair cream containing alpha hydroxy acids.



(30 min-$45, as an add-on treatment- $30)
“Reiki” meaning “Universal Life Force”, helps you manage pain, facilitate healing and promote inner serenity. A soothing hands-on energy balancing will leave you renewed and refreshed.



(30 min-$45, as an add-on treatment- $30)
Reflexology is a powerful natural health science that studies the relationship of the reflex areas in the feet to the rest of the body. The therapist works these areas with fingers and thumbs in order to create positive changes in the body.

Sugar Glow & Polish


(30 min $45, as an add-on treatment- $30)
Skin feeling less than soft? This treatment begins with a light layer of oil massaged into the skin. Next, your choice of body scrub is massaged on as you are scrubbed and buffed to perfection. After a warm towel removes the last traces of scrub, a rich body cream is smoothed on.

Sea Clay Weight Loss Wrap


(allow at least 2 hours- $130)
A mask of sea algae, clay and minerals is applied all over the body. You are then cocooned in a wrap under a heated blanket to sweat it out. An average inch loss with the first body wrap can be between 4 to 9 inches overall.

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED- In order to have long lasting results, you must follow a 10 day post-wrap whole foods detox diet (see below for specifics). Thong underwear is preferred for during the wrap- please bring flip-flops, a large bottle of water, and clean underwear for after the wrap as your underwear and bra will get wet from the solution. A credit card is required to hold your spot for this service.

10 day whole foods detox diet


  • No caffeine
  • No alcohol
  • No fried or fatty foods
  • No salty foods or added salt
  • No sugar (natural sugar in fruits is fine)
  • No artificial sweeteners (nutrasweet, splenda, etc…)- check yogurt and other foods carefully!)
  • Plenty of water everyday to encourage detoxification
  • No hot showers for the first 3 days (warm is fine)
  • You cannot shower for 8 hours after the wrap (not to worry…the clay solution will be completely absorbed into your body with no residue)


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