The Best Foot Peel Add-On- $15

This treatment is available as an add-on to any 60 minute massage or longer as the peel takes time to work its magic. Your feet will be comfortably warm in booties while you enjoy your massage. The real excitement happens 7 days later when your feet start peeling (a lot…) Avoid using lotion as this stops the peeling process. Note: the peeling isn’t uncomfortable, it’s just the dead skin from the peel flaking off. Gross and cool all at the same time, and then super soft feet after the peel is complete! Contains lactic acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid.

Add a CBD Treatment Oil to any massage for $20

CBD Enhanced Massage therapy is an excellent way to support both physical and mental wellness, reduce pain, and promote health. CBD stands for cannabidiol, referring to the primary chemical compound it’s composed of. As one of the primary two chemicals derived from cannabis plants, CBD is known as a holistic treatment for a variety of conditions, including inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety. When applied topically through skillful massage therapy, the effects of CBD enhance the benefits of massage therapy for a unique combination that will make you feel relaxed while decreasing pain and muscle tension. The product we use during the massage is called CBD Daily which is one of the highest quality products available.

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