I graduated from the Salter School in 2010. Since my very first day of being in this field, I have been dedicated to the well being of my clients. I understand that no two sessions are exactly alike, and everyone has their own massage preferences. My massage styles range from a stress reducing Swedish massage to a more therapeutic deep tissue massage for those who are seeking pain relief. Since I tailor each massage session to my client’s unique needs, I am more than happy incorporating both Swedish and deep tissue into the treatment. My goal is to ensure that you are always getting an amazing massage because you deserve it!



I began my career in 1993 with a group of rehabilitation doctors in California that were eager to teach me all they knew. I learned to work with injuries, and specialized in sports and deep tissue massage. In 2001 I moved to Massachusetts and I transitioned into the spa field to learn spa treatments. and fine tune my relaxation massage techniques. Now, I mix relaxation and therapeutic in a manner that still helps clients with their injuries but allows them to relax. I have a wide range of styles and you might find that I mix a few during your session.

After many years in Tewksbury, I am happy to be back and to be a part of the Oasis Day Spa team.



I graduated from the Cortiva Institute in Boston, MA. There I learned neuromuscular techniques, sports massage, trigger point, myofascial, and swedish massage. After graduating I continued to get my certifications in Reiki 1 and Level 1 Thai massage. My specialty is deep tissue massage to release chronic pain, tension patterns, and past injury compensations. I like to incorporate all my learned skills to best help my clients facilitate the healing process. Every client has specific needs whether it be to simply relax or to eliminate pain. Together we can create a plan to reach your goal.



“I’ve been in the massage field since 2005 and I have been blessed to work with a vast population of clients. I specialize in pre and post surgery issues for neck, back and legs but certainly have plenty of clients that come to me just because they’ve tweaked a muscle and need some deep tissue work. I also incorporate a modality called myofascial release to help with scar tissue and other restrictions due to surgery or injury. For people with auto-immune diseases, I use a modality called lymphatic drainage which helps with circulation and allows the client to feel less sluggish and have more energy. Massage therapy is good not only for the body, but the mind and soul.”



“I’ve owned Oasis Day Spa since 2005- first when we were in Lowell, and now that we’ve moved to Tewksbury. I’ve seen it grow and change but always retain a comfortable, client-focused atmosphere. I’ve been a massage therapist for 13 years and still love the field and what it offers to clients, whether it’s pain relief, recovery from injury, or just a mental “time out”. You may not always see me on the online schedule but if you are looking to book a massage with me, email and we will find a time that works.”



“I have been a massage therapist since 2010. My inspiration to become a massage therapist stemmed from my relationship with my mother. In 2008, she suffered from a major stroke which left her paralyzed on half of her body. Although I was not able to heal her condition, I was able to ease and alleviate her pain through massage and the amazing healing powers of human touch.

After I lost her, I became eager to learn more about massage and the amazing array of healing benefits. I began working as a Medical Massage Therapist for three years. I grew because of this experience and learned an abundant amount of information about massage therapy. My work and accomplishments are a dedication to my mother and grandmother who are no longer with me in presence, but always in spirit.”



“Becky is a licensed muscular/massage therapist who graduated in 2006 from the Muscular Therapy Institute formerly in Cambridge, MA. Her bodywork incorporates elements of traditional massage with other tools such as range of motion, stretching, non-circulatory massage, trigger point relief and sports massage. Her sessions focus on client self-awareness, health assessment, and education with an emphasis on individualized self-care for each client. No two treatment sessions are alike. She takes pride in her ability to listen to her clients’ health concerns, bringing intention and compassion into her treatment room. Her goal is to meet each client’s individual needs, and to enhance their overall well-being. Becky has also focused her therapeutic training on maternal health. Certified in Pre- and Perinatal Massage, Becky enjoys working with women during their journey into motherhood. Bringing her professional and personal experiences into her sessions Becky tailors each massage to suit each expectant mother’s needs during this unique time of many body changes and sensations, creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere while reducing the common discomforts of pregnancy.”

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