(add-on to any 60 minute massage or longer for only $15)
Your feet will be snug in booties for a full hour while the peel works its magic.The real excitement happens 7 days later when your feet start peeling (a lot…) Avoid using lotion as this stops the peeling process. Note: the peeling isn’t uncomfortable, it’s just the dead skin from the peel flaking off. Gross and cool all at the same time, and then super soft feet after the peel is complete! Contains lactic acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid.



(add-on to another service for only $35, 30 min)
This treatment starts off with a luxurious scrub on your calves and feet. After the scrub is removed with warm towels, you’ll receive a relaxing foot massage with the famous “Get Fresh” Lemongrass intensive foot repair cream containing alpha hydroxy acids for further exfoliation.

Argan Oil Scalp Massage


(add-on to another service for only $20, 15 min)
Relaxing argan oil scalp massage is a perfect addition to any spa treatment. Argan oil leaves hair refreshed but not greasy.

Sugar Glow & Polish


(add-on to another service for only $35, 30 min)
Skin feeling less than soft? This treatment begins with a light layer of oil massaged into the skin. Next, your choice of body scrub is massaged on as you are scrubbed and buffed to perfection. After a warm towel removes the last traces of scrub, a rich body cream is smoothed on.


For in-home couples massage, spa parties, wedding parties or corporate events please visit our affiliate SpaVroom Mobile Spa.



(add-on to any massage for only $20 )
Relaxing and tension reducing CBD massage oil is used to target all your problem areas.

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