Celebrate Spring with a Sampler at Oasis!


Sour Patch Kid Special – first it’s sour, then it’s sweet. This is the perfect mix of therapy and relaxation. Be prepared to get that knot that’s been killing you all week worked out with deep pressure techniques (“the sour”) and then reward yourself with a more relaxing swedish style for the remainder followed by specialty spa treatments (“the sweet”!)


60 Minute – Choose one area for focused deep tissue/trigger point work (includes hot stone therapy finishing with a biofreeze cryotherapy gel (optional)). This is followed with aromatherapy hot towel compresses and choice of a foot or back scrub. $65


90 Minute- Same as above but choose two areas of focus and receive both foot and back scrub.$90



Seize the Summer Massage Package – I created this special for clients who are looking for the ultimate treat for their feet. As we spring into summer and our schedules begin to fill up with fun activities and busy vacations, this massage package is perfect for those with tired feet that need a little extra pampering.


90 Minute- 60 minute full body massage (including a hot stone back massage, a steamed towel back compress and an aromatherapy scalp massage) followed by our popular 30 minute 3-Step Get Fresh foot treatment. First, the Totally Soaked Foot Gel is massaged in to soften and relax your feet. Next, our Starfruit foot scrub will exfoliate and buff dry skin and rough heels. After the scrub is removed with warmed towels, hot stones are massaged into the bottoms of your feet to relax those tired, achy muscles. I will end with the moisturizing Lemongrass Rescue Me Intensive Foot Repair Cream. After all that extra attention, your whole body will feel rejuvenated and ready for more fun in the sun. $90


120 Minute- Same as above but massage portion is 90 minutes for a whole 2 hours of relaxation $115



Due to the popularity of this summer special from last year, I’m offering it again but this year adding a foot scrub and citrus ginger aromatherapy.


Full Body Massage with Thai on the Table – If you’re finding yourself commuting, or sitting at a desk for long periods of time, you might be feeling tightness around your neck, shoulders, and upper back.  Sitting for long periods of time can bring your shoulders forward and cause your upper back and neck to work harder. Sitting for long periods of time can also cause your hamstrings and hip muscles to shorten, causing your lower back to feel the strain when standing or walking.  Thai stretches are a gentle yet very effective way to get your legs and lower back loose and ready for the massage work that follows.


90 Minute- Full body massage that starts with leg and low back Thai stretches, and ends with extra focus on your hands, arms, pectorals, neck, shoulders and head.  A sugared foot scrub will help keep your feet summer ready.  $90


120 Minute- Same as above but a full 2 hours of treatment time. $115



Watermelon Summer Sensation – Who doesn’t like refreshing watermelon on a warm day? Enjoy the sensation of coolness and the summery scent of watermelon with this unique special. Your massage starts with a scalp massage using varied essential oils to help induce your relaxed state. Then, your neck and shoulders are given a stress-releasing massage with a sensational watermelon mousse. Your full body massage continues focusing on areas that you need it most. You’ll finish this massage with a watermelon foot scrub… giving your whole body a sweet summer treat!


60 Minute- $65


90 Minute- $90

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